How does it work?

Step 3 - The Search
How Does Our Buyers Advocacy Search Service work?

Step 3: The Search

From the Free 1 Hour Consultation, your Buyers Home Base Advocate will already be formulating ideal suburbs to begin the search to find your ideal home or property.

As real estate professionals with many years experience in the Melbourne market, we know the lay of the land and, once given a budget and requirements, we can help you determine where to buy property in Melbourne.

No matter whether you are buying your first home, a new home to suit your changed requirements or situation or an investment property, we can help.

How to determine where to buy?

Buyers Home Base are specialists who can help you select the optimum location and avoid the pitfalls when you're considering where to buy a first home, a new house or an investment property in Melbourne.

Once you have settled on a budget and established your goals, we can advise you and help you to select an area where you can live or obtain a suitable investment property.

If you are a home buyer you will most likely have to answer this very difficult question at some stage during the buying process:

If you had to choose between your ideal home - or - the ideal location….which one would you choose?

Failure to answer this question can cost you months and months of searching – and not finding your perfect home.

If you are an Investor, you will need to answer this question:

Which is most important thing for you to achieve with this purchase – High Capital Growth – or – High Rental Yield?

Whilst every Investor would LOVE to achieve both of these things, it is a rare find that will actually achieve both. Focus and clarity are the keys to success when building your Property Portfolio.

Having said that, these “goal posts” often times change during the process of purchasing for both first home buyers, home buyers and even savvy investors. This is OK. It is your Advocates job to assist you with gaining this clarity and we will stand beside you throughout the entire decision making process.

What Melbourne suburbs are booming?

This is the questions that everyone asks. Investors pay thousands of dollars attending seminars, buying books and attending on-line meetings with “experts” spruiking their wisdom and knowledge. Buyer Beware with some of these so called “experts”. Especially if they are selling Off The Plan properties.

The best people to ask this question of are the people working IN the market and IN the area themselves. Buyers Home Base Advocates are situated all across Melbourne and have their “finger on the pulse” of what is happening in the marketplace all across Melbourne. Whilst we work for our Buyers, we work with Real Estate Agents to access some of this knowledge. We have good working relationships with many Agents that will disclose their hands on knowledge of a particular suburb at any given time.

The Melbourne property market is not a fixed commodity. It is fluent and moving. Some areas to date in 2018 have dropped 10% since 2017, and some are still going up in price. Never before has it been so challenging to assess where to buy. Having a true market specialist by your side assisting you with the search, will certainly give you your best chance at securing your dream home – or – a good, solid investment that achieves your financial goals.

How does it work?

5 Easy Steps

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FREE 1 Hour Consultation

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Engaging your Buyers Advocate

Step 3

The Search

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Due Diligence

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Free 1 Hour Consultation

We come to you whenever, and wherever suits you best. On your lunch break in a cafe, after you have got home and put the kids to bed, or on the weekends. We are happy to make it work for you.

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