How does it work?

Step 2 - Engaging Your Buyers Advocate
Engaging your Buyers Advocate

Step 2: Engaging Your Buyers Advocate

Engaging your Buyers Advocate is easy. After your 1 Hour Free Consultation most people we meet can easily see the benefits that you will gain by having an unbiased professional of the industry by your side. It is your choice at the meeting to engage the services, think about it, or not at all.

Your Buyers Home Base Advocate will either leave the Purchasers Engagement Form with you, or you can complete it here and email it to us. (LINK). Once your Initial Engagement Fee has been paid (details on form), your Advocate will go straight to work for you!

It is at this time that they will also want to know who you are working with regarding your Finance. If you do not have your loan approved yet, our Advocates can connect you with trusted professionals in the industry. It is a Buyers Home Base company policy that we do not take any kick-backs or commissions for these referrals, and the choice is always yours. You need to feel comfortable with all of the people on “your team”.

If you are interstate or overseas, there may be other forms that you will need to provide to your Advocate, such as proof of residency within Australia. We may also need for you to complete a Power of Attorney if we are going to be bidding and signing Contracts on your behalf. Your Buyers Home Base Advocate can supply this for you, or your Solicitor can provide this form.

How does it work?

5 Easy Steps

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FREE 1 Hour Consultation

Step 2

Engaging your Buyers Advocate

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The Search

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Due Diligence

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Free 1 Hour Consultation

We come to you whenever, and wherever suits you best. On your lunch break in a cafe, after you have got home and put the kids to bed, or on the weekends. We are happy to make it work for you.

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