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What is it?

Seamless Vendor Advocacy

What if you could have somebody oversee the sale of your existing home ... AND, ... at the same time have somebody doing all of the leg work and due diligence in the search for your next home? You’d be left to go to work, go to the beach, get your weekends back and not have to deal directly with any Agents if you didn’t want to. Sound good?

Your Seamless Service Advocate would act as your personal, unbiased professional Project Manager for both transactions. All you’d have to do is start packing. We handle everything, advising you and guiding you through the entire process of selling and buying. If it works best for you, we will always attempt to marry up the Settlement Dates so that you can move from one home to the next the same day. This greatly reduces the risk of costly bridging finance, and even worse….having a gap and being temporarily homeless!

This service is unique to Property Home Base and will cost you no more than the full Buyers Advocacy Service that is offered by Buyers Home Base.

Originally designed to assist downsizers and baby-boomers, we are now seeing that this service is also very attractive to busy young professionals and couples with children. This service will save you time, heartache and money. With a professional Advocate by your side, the entire move from one home – to the next – can be SEAMLESS!

Our Seamless Vendor Advocacy Service?

Here is how we do it:


Helping you Sell, we will:

  • Set up meetings to interview (3-4) Real Estate Agents with or without you (your choice).
  • Negotiate Agents Commission and costs
  • Advise which Agent to choose and why (you always have the final say)
  • Appraise your home honestly
  • Oversee and report back to you on the effectiveness of your advertising/marketing campaign. Make suggestions to adjust if required.
  • Your selected Agent reports directly to us with all feedback from inspections
    • Oversee all negotiations and/or offers for your home (ensuring that they are on a Contract of Sale)
    • Attend all meetings between yourself and the Real Estate Agent and advise you after the meeting.
    • Attend and advise you at the Auction on where to set your Reserve Selling Price (if you have chosen to sell in this way).
    • Guide you every step of the way until your property is SOLD!


Helping you Buy, we will:

  • Research areas and potential homes that will suit your budget.
  • Inspect homes with you – or – for you, and report back to you with our findings. (Sometimes we will Skype or Facetime with you to save you time)
  • Recommend any other professional services required along the way (Solicitors, Conveyancers, Building Inspectors, Pest Inspectors, etc) We do not take (or give) any kick backs or commissions to these professionals.
  • Arrange private Inspections with Real Estate Agents for you, if the Open times listed are not suitable to your schedule.
  • Review the Vendors Statement (Section 32) and advise.
  • Advise on appropriate price for any/all offers so that you secure the home, but do not over spend.
  • Prepare the Contract of Sale to try to buy the selected home.
  • Handle all negotiations with the Real Estate Agent.
  • Bid at Auction (if this is the best strategy to secure it at the best price).
  • Attend the Final Inspection with you/for you.

Free 1 Hour Consultation

We come to you whenever, and wherever suits you best. On your lunch break in a cafe, after you have got home and put the kids to bed, or on the weekends. We are happy to make it work for you.

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