Negotiation / Bid Only Service

If your overseas or interstate or simply don't know how to proceed

Negotiation / Bid Only Service

Sometimes you may have already found the ideal home or property yourself. You may be interstate or overseas at the time of the Auction, or are just confronted by the fact that you now do not know how best to proceed in to the negotiation phase. If this happens, you can contact us and we can offer you our special Negotiation/Bid Only Service.

How Does Our Contract Negotiation Service work?

With this service we will:

  • Obtain the Section 32/Vendors Statement and peruse it for you to see if anything appears to be untoward with the property.
  • Refer you to the relevant Professional Services (if you do not already have your own), that may be required to secure the property (Conveyencers, Solicitors, Building Inspectors, Pest Inspectors, Tradesmen, Property Managers, etc).
    (NOTE: Buyers Home Base has a Policy that we do NOT take any kick-backs or commissions from anybody for any referrals given.)
  • Confirm that your Finances are approved and you can move forward with this purchase.
  • Confirm your preferred Settlement Date
  • Confirm if there are any Terms or Conditions that you wish to include in the Contract of Sale (for Private Sale only).
  • Liaise with the Real Estate Agent to determine activity and begin to strategise approach.
  • Confirm the strategy of approach with you, along with advice on expected sale price of the property.
  • Obtain written confirmation of your final price/offer/bid.
  • Proceed to completion of the Contract of Sale (for Private Sale only).
  • Keep you informed throughout the Private Sale process.
  • Attend Auction and bid on your behalf.
  • Complete all Contracts of Sale at the Auction on your behalf (with a Power of Attorney from you), if successful.
  • Communicate with you during or immediately after the Auction to inform you of the result.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, particularly for those purchasing a first home. Feel free to review our client testimonials on our Testimonials page to see what they have to say about us & our services.

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So, if you would like further information regarding our Negotiation or Bid Only service in Melbourne Victoria, why not contact us for a free consultation?

You can call us on 1 300 882 842 or complete our online "Request FREE Consultation" form and we will be in contact shortly to help you buy your first home or property in less time, with less heartache and stress and save you money!

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