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Whilst we now work with Investors and Home Buyers from Interstate and Internationally, Buyers Home Base was originally formed to assist First Home Buyers. Before Buyers Home Base entered the marketplace, there was NO affordable Service to assist these Buyers. We have led the way, and always be committed to keeping our low-flat fee Service available for all First Home Buyers.

The one benefit that all our Services offer, and the one that can potentially save you thousands, is skill of NEGOTIATION. Negotiating skills play a large part in securing a property. You need to know the true value of the home and the area. You need to understand when and how to make offers and complete a Contract of Sale. Knowing when to “push in”, and when to “pull back” in a negotiation is a skill that can only be acquired after working in an industry for many years. Timing is everything. Having insider knowledge as to how different Agencies work (how they take offers, how they negotiate, how they appraise properties, who is on their team). Having a finger on the pulse of the market in all of the various suburbs – on a daily basis – helps us to understand market trends with pricing so you won’t over pay.

First Home Buyers Buyers Advocate Services

First Home Buyers Services

  • Assist you in defining your key criteria in finding the right home
  • Assist you in narrowing your search area (saving you time)
  • Advise you on properties to inspect that will fit within your budget (saving you heartache)
  • Communicate with clarity on your findings and be available to “move quickly” when you have found a potential property that you like (ask about our Buyers Home Base Rating Scale)
  • Inspect any properties that you have Rated as your potential property to purchase within 24 hours.
  • Obtain the Section 32 and/or the Contract of Sale for any of these potential properties.
  • Once we have inspected the property, give you feedback on price and strategy to move forward.
  • Refer you to the relevant Professional Services (if you do not already have your own), that may be required to secure the property (Conveyencers, Solicitors, Building Inspectors, Pest Inspectors, Tradesmen, etc). (NOTE: Buyers Home Base has a Policy that we do NOT take any kick-backs or commissions from anybody for any referrals given.)
  • Confirm that your Finances are approved and you can move forward with this purchase.
  • Liaise with the Real Estate Agent to determine activity and begin to strategise approach.
  • Confirm the strategy of approach with you, along with advice on expected sale price of property.
  • If the property is secured, we will then work with who you have selected throughout the entire Negotiation process – through to Settlement.
  • Provide you with frequent updates throughout the Negotiation process – or the lead up to the Auction Date – advising you of “what’s next”, keeping you well informed of what is required of you to empower you throughout the entire purchasing process.
  • For Private Sale, we will complete the Contract of Sale with your preferences and agreement regarding Settlement Date, price and any Terms and Conditions that may need to be included to keep your desires first and you safe.
  • For Auctions, we will prepare you for the day by advising you on expected price, Settlement date and have you sign off on your agreed amount and dates. If successful, we will sit with you through the entire process of completing the Contract of Sale after the Auction to ensure that all of the paperwork is completed properly assuring you are not at risk.
  • Usually about 10 days prior to Settlement, we will attend the Final Inspection with you to advise you of what to be aware of, and if there is anything to be concerned with prior to Settlement.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, particularly for those purchasing a first home. Feel free to review our client testimonials on our Testimonials page to see what they have to say about us & our services.

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